Donald Trump and the Craze of Left-Wing Mainstream Media -
Donald Trump is a showman, and his recent run for President shows that he is completely off his rocker. But, I think it shows more about what the upcoming fight for President will look like. NO, I won’t believe Trump’s run is serious and NO I don’t think he has greater than a snowball’s chance in hell to win. Donald Trump has come into our homes week after week on “The Apprentice,” but the beauty of the whole show is that if you didn’t want to watch him—you could change the channel. But now, everywhere you look, Trump has trumped the mainstream media’s chatterboxes and talking heads.

Why are they so focused on him? He finished 15 points behind Obama in a recent Rasmussen poll and could not muster more than 65% of his own party’s votes[1]. His chances are worse than his haircuts-but why does Chris Matthews[2], Rachel Maddow, and the like LOVE talking about him? Because he is an easy target. As a longtime liberal, I can tell you that many of the friends I have are scared of this upcoming election and Trump looks like he is the only established candidate, because he is the only one anyone is talking about. But, this shows that liberals don’t want to discuss the issues—they want to discuss personalities.

So, maybe, Trump is not a showman or a real candidate, but rather a thermometer to show what the 2012 election will look like. It’s not a discussion about jobs or the economy or even social issues for Democrats, but rather, it is a discussion about bad haircuts, reality TV, and viewership. If this is the realm that the Democrats want to play in—I urge you to look past the murky nonsense and find the facts on your own. And make sure Obama hears, “You’re fired.”




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