Change in a time of Change

On January 20th, 2009, I was on the National Mall with my girlfriend as Barack Obama was sworn in as the 42nd President of the United States. As a staunch liberal supporter (as many college students are), I felt a ray of hope after the election and had packed up and made the trek to Washington D.C. to see the election.  It was a moving moment to many people of color, like myself, who saw it as a defining point in our national history. Promises were abound about change and hope. But, as I am on the cusp of graduation, I see that the change that I was promised has not arrived, and I personally worry about my future.

I am a business administration student at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, and the job market is difficult at best. I am looking for a candidate in 2012 who can create jobs and opportunities for young people like me. I have watched so many of my friends try and fail in the job market, even when they graduated with full resumes and strong degrees. They are the reason that I started this blog. I started this blog so that young people can have an objective voice when it comes to the upcoming election. I want students like me to know that we all have an opportunity to create our own change. In this blog, I will:

-Talk about Presidential Candidate’s Policies
-Talk about current issues in the college job market
-Talk about the current political climate in the university sphere

I want this blog to be an outlet for myself and other young people to find analysis of candidates in the upcoming election. I can’t think of a more vital time in our country’s history to make sure that soon-to-be graduates and future graduates will have the job of their dreams and not have to settle for second-best because of political parties that cannot create jobs within their economy.