President Obama did not spend his time attacking Donald Trump, Mitt Romney, or Tim Pawlenty this week, but rather his focus turned to the state of Wisconsin and a 7th term representative that is making a lot of noise. Representative Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) offices are only a one hour and twenty minute drive from Obama’s home district in Chicago—but the fight that appears to be coming may shape the rest of the nation immensely.

Today, Standard and Poors downgraded the United States’ outlook to ‘negative’ [1]. While the Obama Administration was quick to make the decision seem as ludicrous as possible, strong leaders within the GOP camp came to express disappointment in this announcement. As Obama hid another set of tax cuts, Rep. Ryan has created a sound budget that will trim the deficit without raising taxes [2]. The most noteworthy of those? Rep. Ryan who said, in a press release[3]:

“We face the most predictable economic crisis in our history — a crisis driven by the explosive growth of government spending and debt. House Republicans took action last week to chart a new course by passing a budget that lifts our crushing burden of debt and puts our economy on the path to prosperity. By contrast, the President’s budget locks in Washington’s recent spending spree, adds $13 trillion to the debt over the next decade, and accelerates our nation toward a fiscal crisis. The failure to advance solutions threatens not only the livelihoods of future generations, but also the economic security of American families today. A campaign speech is no substitute for a serious, credible budget. The President and his party’s leaders must put an end to empty promises and work with us to avert this looming economic crisis.”

Rep. Ryan is doing something that I criticized Speaker John Boehner for not doing last week—fighting the good fight. Rep. Ryan isn’t trying to create compromise with overspending and stifling the economy with growing taxes. Rep. Ryan’s plan [4] helps those freshmen congressmen keep their promise to their constituents to control the wallets in Washington. Though Rep. Ryan is not running for President, he has my vote as a true leader with vision in the upcoming election.





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