Desperate Times Call for...Birth Certificates? -
Today Barack Obama released his long-form birth certificate[1]. This move does not scream experience, strength, or conviction, but rather it screams of a move that reeks of desperation. Did Barack Obama think that this would make the ‘birther’ crowd go away (Drudge Report has already reported about a fringe group that would emerge—“Certers”[2])? In all, this is starting to look like a terrible move for the POTUS, and here are some reasons why:

1)      He legitimizes the Donald—This can’t be a good sign, he fought off the allegations for almost 2 years, but now crumbles in the face of (arguably) the least legitimate candidate in the field, Donald Trump. This sign does bear well when he goes up against stiffer competition, like a Mitt Romney perhaps—who will hit him hard on the failures of his administration, namely the economy.

2)      He is going to be undermined by those within his party—Democratic leaders such as Jesse Jackson have already painted this as a ‘racial’ issue[3]. As the left starts this smear campaign, the American public will already be able to decode the real issues and separate that from the name calling that has already started around the release. Playing the ‘race card’ is not appropriate now, or ever.

3)      Weakness now, may erode the party from within—My democratic friends are already clamoring about how this was ‘useless’ and ‘silly.’ But, internally, many of them are afraid that Obama is taking an angle of appeasement to the GOP and Tea Party (who they unfairly lump together). They see it as a way to sway votes, since a recent poll said that 1 in 4 Americans believed that he was born abroad[4]. But, with your own base questioning the reasoning behind your decisions—how can you possibly gain their votes.

In all, this was a move of utter desperation, at the time that Democrats are looking for an economic leader and Republicans looked in a leader-less position. But, this strange move, may give the GOP the momentum they need moving forward to 2012.





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